Get Involved

Do you have a passion for God’s justice to be seen in this World?

We are looking for people who have previous or current involvement in YWAM, through Dts, secondary schools, staffing, leading etc. If this is you and you have God’s justice on your heart, then take a look at the areas that you can help us in below!

Are you looking to  get involved in UN work and your ministries fit into the requirements in any of the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda? The link below will take you to the SDG page, where you can see whether your ministry is suitable and meets the requirements. Please check this before getting in contact with us. Thank you! (For under 40s only)                                                         

During the year, we do small outreaches to different countries to do research and collect information on various issues that are happening globally. We are looking for people who are photo journalists or aspiring to be, that can come and join us for a few weeks as we visit these countries.

If you would like to be involved and feel that you meet the requirements needed in any of these areas, please contact us using our Contact Us form.